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For 1 month, we will help you do your bookkeeping making sure that all the transactions are entered correctly on to the accounting software to make it easy for you to do your VAT returns, manage your business and understand your business financial information.

Our reason for offering this free bookkeeping service for 1 month is quite honestly simple – we want you to see how we work and hopefully after this one month you will find out whether we are true to our word, whether we deliver on our promises and that more importantly whether we are people you can trust with your accounting work. It also offers us the opportunity to see how we can hopefully support you better going forward.

It is basically an opportunity for both of us find out whether we have some common ground to pursue a professional business relationship without actually having to make any commitments.

We would love to hear from you if you are considering getting a new accountant or changing your existing one, try us for 1 month for FREE and make up your mind after that period.


Taxes are a fact of life.

We believe that no business person should pay more than their fair share of tax. No, not even a penny more.

The reality, however, is that lots and lots of business owners end up paying more than their fair share of tax and the sad part is that most of that could have been avoided if only they had sought the right kind of advice and planned their tax affairs in advance.

Tax planning can make a significant difference to the tax you pay. By planning for income tax, you should be able to take advantage of any opportunities to minimise your tax bill. Personal tax planning can present additional options, for example in terms of capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

We offer a number of strategies to enable you plan accordingly and position yourself in such away that your tax liability as minimal as is legally possible. We have strategies that are of benefit to the self employed & “owner-managers” of companies.

This FREE tax planning session provides a brief introduction to personal tax planning and business tax planning issues.


You normally use your year-end accounts to prepare your corporation tax return and filing of the accounts to HMRC and Companies House.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to prevent mistakes that weaken your brand and appearance of stability and the one thing that can do that is the filing of inaccurate accounts and returns to government agencies like HMRC and Companies House. Your accounts and returns can be randomly selected to be checked by HMRC and you don’t want them finding misleading or inaccurate results in there.

So, this FREE service is basically our offer to do a transaction audit of your accounts before you prepare your accounts and returns and to advise you accordingly and help you make any necessary amendments and corrections.


We understand that you want to work with pragmatic people who know your industry and can offer an objective perspective to help you make good decisions. We are confident that our unparalleled experience, resources and approach make us the best suited to serve your business. Here is a sampling of qualities that set us apart:

More customers for you

As part of our commitment to your success we will do everything possible to systematically help you win new customers – including introducing you to our other clients and contacts

A unique business gift

You can give any of your business customers one of our super-intensive Business Systemisation sessions (worth £500) designed to help them build a more successful and profitable business. Use your “gifts” as a reward for customers who pay on time, an incentive for them to buy from you again, or even as a simple “thank you for doing business with us”. Either way, just think what these free gifts will do for your cash flow, sales and customer loyalty.

Free support for your contacts

You can give any of your business contacts up to three hours of our time to address whatever business, tax and accounting issues are important to them – at no cost to them or you. Just imagine what that will do for your relationships with them. And just imagine what those strengthened relationships will do for your business and your profits.

Help with getting the direct debit facility

You’ll also get a free help and support to get a Direct Debit facility if you want. This will help you avoid bad debts and collect all payments due from customers on time and thus help will cash flow.

Free advice for employees & family

Every single one of your employees and family members will be entitled to a free 7-hour consultation, worth up to £1000, to help them sort out their tax or accounting problems – guaranteed

Company care tax planning

We will carry out a planning exercise each time you consider buying a new vehicle to ensure you are aware of the most appropriate method of finance and the minimisation of tax liabilities.


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We work hard, we work smart and we work fast. We use the latest technology and systems to deliver value adding service at reasonable cost. We help you meet HMRC deadlines for accounts & returns thus avoiding penalties. all our work is done on time.

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